Friday, November 2, 2012


 So, I would love to share with you some Australian culture and reveal what SWOT VAC stands for, but to be honest I still have no idea. It's supposed to represent the time period Uni gives to students for studying before the exam period, but I have asked around and nobody seems to know what the acronym stands for exactly.

Adventure Bay, Bruny Island
Anyway, the "study week" has been good. I had a couple week between the end of classes and my first exam, so it was pretty much a vacation for a while. Last weekend I got to go to Bruny Island for another camping trip. It was probably my last one, and what an adventure it was. We had a group of 3 car loads going, all aiming to catch a 3:45 ferry. The trip started off with my car and another missing that one and having to catch the next ferry across the bay to Bruny. The ferry ride was only about 15 minutes, though, so it's all good. I was rushing with excitement once we got on the island and headed toward our camping destination "Adventure Bay". I had also expressed interest in WWOOFing on Bruny, at a berry farm on Adventure Bay so as we got closer and I started to see the signs I couldn't contain myself. It is a quaint little island, with one gas station and one main road, but beautiful beaches, just as expected.

Still Adventure Bay!

some Cloudy Bay surf
The first night was a blast. We built a huge fire on the beach, and made it just in time for the sun to go down and the moon to come up. I was with all my favorite internationals I have met in Tassie so far and grabbed some yummy Rekorderlig cider for the night, couldn't have been better! The next morning I woke up to a steamy tent and stepped outside greeted by cloudless skies and the mighty sun. We pretty much had this small bay to ourselves for the morning, sharing it only with a bird nesting area. After some frisbee on the beach, soaking up the sun, and a dip in the water, I went with others to explore the island a bit more. We drove south to Cloudy Bay, a great surf spot where the waves were big and plentiful. To get to Cloudy Bay, though, we had to trek our borrowed '92 Subaru through an off road mountain trail. I don't think she liked that very much...we started to notice even louder sounds than normal on our way back to Adventure Bay. About 3 minutes up the road from our campsite, the car gave up and we had to pull to the side. Luckily we didn't break down while we were off roading, and found a man with the heaviest Australian accent I have ever heard to point us in the right direction. I don't know much about cars, and it still stands a mystery what happened to the Subaru that day, but I am glad we had 2 other working cars there. Even though we had to maneuver shuttles to the ferry and a tow back to Hobart, the last night was another good one. The moon was even brighter and I was just happy I wasn't stranded in the middle of the island.

Broken Down :(

View of the sun going down outside my tent

Unfortunately I don't think the berry farm will work out for me because they already have WWOOFers, so I am glad I got to see the island when I did. The rest of my week was spent studying, a little Halloween fiesta, and my last trip to the art school to pick up my projects. I'm feeling heaps less anxious about my next move now that one of my exams is done and after talking to a farm near Melbourne.


Life Drawing

Only one more exam to go -- Cognitive Neuroscience o_0 -- and a week and a half left in Tassie.

Time to live it up ...and start planning classes/living arrangement for next semester. Oi!
Bye-bye life drawing room!!

Last time walking down the art school  steps!

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