Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wanna go to the seaside?

It's finally hitting me that my time is Tasmania is quickly coming to an end, and it is very bittersweet. I just got back from an exciting night on Little Beach where we joined heaps of locals in what turned out to be a mini music/camping festival. It was a joyous night including crazy Tasmanians, awesome (and very loud) live music, beer battered sausages on the fire, and cozy walks to the beach.

Bands setting up on stage &
people enjoying the beach in the back
I can't even describe how great it felt to dance on white sand to multiple covers of "Seaside" by the Kooks with the waves and sand right behind the stage. It was definitely a night to remember and it's made me realize how much I will miss Tassie. If the spectacular views weren't enough, the easy going attitude and eccentric personalities will make me nostalgic towards this island for ages.

In other news, it's time to start planning my next move! I'll be finished with Uni for good on November 5th and will not be flying home until December 6th. In between I plan on working/staying on a couple different farms with the Australian WWOOF organization. I've just started contacting farms, but there are so many opportunities, many of which seem right up my ally. Hopefully I will start in Tasmania on Bruny Island, either on a berry farm or an art studio/vegie farm. Then I hope to find either two places or one very fitting one in the Melbourne area. And for the grand finale, I'll be meeting up with a fellow Clarkie AJ O'Mahoney in New Zealand for more adventures.

So although my time is coming to an end, I have plenty of excitement coming my way. Never the less, I am going to miss everyone I've gotten close to over the last few months! It's hard to believe I will never see some of them again. There's talk of a Tassie reunion in the future, so hopefully it won't be forever.

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