Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'd just like to note that after my last post, I spilled my whole jar of concentrated black ink on my carpet..OOPS! If anyone has any carpet cleaning tricks send em my way. Otherwise, let's hope no one notices.

Aerial view of Whitsunday Island..
I guess I'm just getting too excited about everything that is going on. Mainly, the holiday excursion some friends and I just planned. My week long break is the first week of September, and I can't believe how fast it is coming. We've just booked our flights from Hobart to Sydney, Sydney to Hamilton Island, then Brisbane back to Hobart. After spending a whole day in Sydney, it's off to some BEAUTIFUL islands in Queensland. From there, we're going to pack 5 people into a rental car and take our time road trippin' down to Brisbane for some city life. I cannot wait. All that stands between me and adventure is three weeks of Tassie winter and a few Uni assignments.

Since I'm going to spend that week traveling the mainland, I think I'll stay in Tassie a bit after my semester ends to do some more exploring down here. I'm hoping by that time, the weather won't be as hormonal as it is now. Although, I'm starting to get into the flow of it by now. I started off my day today by getting adequately wet walking down to the city in the rain. The rain doesn't even bother me anymore, though. It's just not worth getting upset over, because if you give it 10 minutes it will be beautiful and sunny. I ended up lounging on a bench in the park for about an hour today, just soaking in the sun while I could.

Sittin on a park bench...

...under a delicious smelling tree!

After my super relaxed day I played in the colleges' semi-final basketball game. I haven't played basketball in so long, so naturally I jammed my finger and fell flat on my bum while on the court. The team we played was really good and way more physical than us, so we got crushed. But it was still worth it just to be on a sports team again -- it's been years! There's nothing like cheering on your teammates, even if you are down by 30 points.

On that note - Cheers!

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