Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting Settled

Ahh, hello! I have been slacking on posting, mostly because I feel as though I need something incredibly interesting to say every time. I suppose I can make anything interesting though.

I got through my first week of classes, and now uni life is starting to pick up. I am definitely not in semester mode yet...still wishing it was summer. In fact, I should be working on sketches right now for the drawing class I have in a couple hours. The unit is "Extended Concepts of Drawing" and essentially it is comprised of whatever project I wish to undertake. I love the freedom, but it is a challenge to get things started on my own. Right now I have some ideas of synthesizing psychology from the point of view of a scientist and an artist. I'm not quite sure where this project is going to lead me, and it wouldn't matter if I ended up somewhere totally different from where I started. That's the beauty of it. It's all about the creative process. A part of my grade will be determined by a journal I'll be completing independent work and research in. To me, this is a fantastic way to grade creative work. I'm really looking forward to seeing where my project ends up!

The other drawing unit I am taking is life drawing. The first class was a tiring three hours, but very interesting. We jumped right into drawing a model. Mostly everyone else in the class have all studied under the same mentor, so my technique was very different from everyone else. The mentor is extremely helpful, though. I am very keen on the mentors at the School of Art. None of them are "teachers" per se, just artists who want to share what they have learned throughout their personal careers.

That pink building would be the Tasmania School of Art..pretty awesome!
Wish I had time to write more, but I have to finish some sketches and then walk down to the city.

Until next time,
Shazzer --- (I was told last night that the name Shannon isn't that great in Oz because it would probably be shortened to something such as Shazzy or Shazzer ... but I like it! hahah)


  1. Shazzer,

    I can't believe you have been there almost two weeks already! And it sounds like the schoolwork has really kicked in. Did you drop neuroscience biology or whatever that was?

  2. Haha I'm glad you are reading!! School is definitely starting to kick in. It's second semester here though so I suppose that's why we are jumping right in. I'm keeping Cognitive Neuroscience...I figure it's better to be challenged and interested than bored and lazy in class! Kind of nervous as to how my credits will transfer though...the grading system here is quite different from home.

  3. I'm quite fond of "Shan" and "Shanny Fanny" myself...